MomsBoyToy 2024 03 29 Stepmoms Sexy Socials - S3:E6XXX 4k MP4 WRB

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Josh Rivers accidentally walks in on his stepmom Gigi Dior as she tries taking some selfies. She's not happy with the results, so she asks Josh to help her. She's still not happy with those pics, so she offers to change into another outfit. Turning her back on Josh, Gigi puts on a sexier shirt. Her next idea is to put on a swimsuit. With such a hot cougar in front of him, it's impossible for Josh to stop from popping a boner. Gigi asks surprised at first, but quickly takes pity on him and flashes her big boobs at him. Telling Josh she's going to use him as her boy toy, Gigi gets him on the bed so she can pop his stiffie out and stroke and suck him. Leaning forward, she blows him with plenty of deep suction. Eager to move on to something even more fun than a BJ, Gigi climbs on top of Josh and sinks down onto his dick. With Josh's hands squeezing her nipples, she bounces up and down before turning around and letting him palm her ass as she does him in reverse cowgirl. Josh proves his worth as a boy toy as he does Gigi in doggy and then eats her pussy. When he sticks it back in one last time, Josh makes sure his stepmommy cums before he pulls out and covers her with his sticky love.

Gigi Dior, Josh Rivers