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Johnny is studying hard by the pool. He hopes to get into a good med school this year. He is hitting the books pretty hard when his step mom Danae comes outside to enjoy the pool. She tries to get him to join her, but this is too important to Johnny. Danae realizes that this is not healthy for him to be so stressed, so she comes up with a plan only the best of step mothers can concoct. She asks him to help her oil up. It was a no go. So, she ups the stakes and throws her top at him exposing her huge tits. Johnny is now paying attention, and worried about what his dad would think. She tells him that his dad would be mad at her for not helping him enjoy himself. Johnny agrees to oil her breast, but can’t help but get hard. It does not go unnoticed as Danae points out the huge bulge now in his shorts. Johnny quicky tries to run and says he need to get back to studying. Danae is not having it and pulls him into the house, and wraps her mouth around his cock. It was exactly what Johnny needed as his took the stress of college out on her pussy. He beat her pussy like beating the odds of getting into an ivy league. He pounded her pussy like a bully on the yard. After emptying his balls on her face, Johnny proclaimed it was just the break he needed. Danae assured him she is always here for him we he needs another.

Johnny Love, Danae Mari

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